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Below is essential information and documentation for current participants on the workability project.

Promotional literature

You may wish to download and print this brochure (PDF document). In order to do this, you will need to have installed adobe reader software. You can circulate this brochure to staff at your organisation or to employers who provide jobs or work sampling opportunities to your clients. You can also give it to your students and their parents and carers so they get essential information about the workability resources and the aims and objectives of the project.

Student registration (all)

We are obliged by our funder to keep accurate data on the impact of the project on the targets groups, clients with learning disabilities and those who train them. As a participant, you have agreed to provide us with information on:

The student population you are working with (MS Excel doc)

The trainers who will be training clients using the workability resources (MS Word doc)

Training additional trainers

If you wish to train more staff members in how to use the workability resources, then you must first notify us. These new trainers must complete the baseline trainer survey above and return this to us before you provide them with any training.

We have designed a PowerPoint presentation which you can use to teach new trainers how to use the resources. This presentation contains lots of extra information in the form of slide notes so please be sure to view and print these notes and use them alongside the slides.

Accreditation (Northern Ireland)

One of the objectives of the project is to have the workability training programmes accredited by relevant awarding bodies in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland. The programme has now been accredited by the OCN (NI) for participants in Northern Ireland and more information will follow on progress towards accreditation in the Republic of Ireland.

A) Modifications to programme - UPDATED January 2006

OCN has slightly altered the learning outcomes that were originally assigned to some of the units. This does not affect the content areas that you will teach your students. In fact, whereas Workability was intended to be an 8 unit programme, your students can now access a total of 9 units of learning. Here is a list of the new unit titles and a rough correspondence to the unit titles on your disks.

  1. Introduction to Employment
    - exactly corresponds to "Work, Jobs & Skills"
  2. Introduction to Preparing for Employment
    - roughly corresponds to "Getting a Job & Preparing for Work"
  3. Introduction to Being in Work
    - roughly corresponds to "Getting a Job & Preparing for Work"
  4. Introduction to Good Working Practice
    - roughly corresponds to "Being a Good Worker"
  5. Introduction to Communication
    - exactly corresponds to "Communication"
  6. Introduction to Working with Others
    - roughly corresponds to "Appropriate Work Behaviour"
  7. Introduction to Assertiveness
    - roughly corresponds to "Assertiveness, Rights & Respect"
  8. Introduction to Health & Safety in the Workplace
    - exactly corresponds to "Health & Safety at Work"
  9. Introduction to Personal Hygiene & Self-Presentation
    - roughly corresponds to "Personal Hygiene & Self-Presentation"

In the case of units 1, 5 and 8, there is an exact correspondence between the learning outcomes on the disk and those in the new programme. In the case of the remaining units, there is some mixing and matching of learning outcomes/tasks from various disks/units. This was unavoidable given the deadline of the start of the academic year 2005-2006 that we worked to.

Please review the following MS Excel Documents closely. They will tell you what learning outcomes and tasks must be completed in order to be ready for certification in each of the above 9 units.

OCN's New Programme Structure (MS Excel doc)

Cross-Reference Between Old and New Structures (MS Excel doc)

You may also wish to print this OCN (NI) document which lists the codes this awarding body has attached to each of the 9 modules in the programme. You will need this information when you are registering students for particular modules (or the entire programme).

OCN (NI) Codes for Workability programme/modules

B) Registering as a Centre with OCN (NI)

The Workability team held an Accreditation Seminar on the morning of 6th Dec 2005 in Omagh. If you could not attend, please use the following links to download documents relating to becoming an accreditated centre and running OCN accredited programmes at your organisation.

Guidelines for registering as a centre to run OCN programmes (MS Word doc)

Moderation guidelines for all centres (MS Word doc)

C) Quality Assurance Documents

Please use the following links to download documents you will need to quality assure the workability programme at your organisation.

For use by internal moderators:

Internal moderator report (MS Word doc)

Sampling matrix (MS Word doc)

For use by trainers:

Class tracker (MS Word doc)

Student feedback form (MS Word doc)

Downloadable Documents
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