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Independent Travel Training Programme

The Independent Travel Training Programme provides organisations, particularly those involved in learning disabilities, with a complete training package that addresses the issue of independent travel. It aims to increase the choices available to both organisations and end service users with regard to transport issues.

Person attempting to cross a road

This practical-based programme has been developed for any individual with low literacy levels who has limited independent travel skills and road safety awareness. It is highly pictorial and, because of the low literacy levels required, is ideal for use with learning disabled individuals. It is 100% trainer led and uses pictures, animations and sounds to support its teaching and make it fun to use and easy to understand.


You organisation can access the Independent Travel Training and Road Safety Awareness programme for your clients by sending staff to a "Training for Trainers" course, which is run at locations throughout Northern Ireland and the UK.

Training is delivered by Gerry G McWilliams, our training officer, who is also responsible for the overall promotion and marketing of the programme.

Gerry McWilliams

Contact Gerry if you have any queries about how to access the programme for your students or if you would like to find out about future training events.


We have a large network of trainers who have attended one of our training courses in how to deliver travel training using New Horizons' multimedia resources. Several of these trainers have expressed an interest in sharing their experiences of:

  • training clients in how to travel safely
  • using New Horizons' training resources
  • setting up and running a travel training programme.

We have now created a forum for you to exchange tips, experiences and general feedback. We welcome posts from all trainers and organisations involved in delivering travel training.

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