Catering Foundation Course

Who can participate?

This course was developed by New Horizons Partnership as a direct response to an identified need. It targets adults with severe to moderate learning disabilities from 16 years of age and intends to provide a clearly identifiable career path in catering. The focus of this programme is to give this client group the required learning and employment support and appropriate training in their chosen career.


Where does the training take place?

Training is delivered in both a classroom (theory) and a real work setting (practical). A specific number of classroom hours' training takes place each week in the Strabane campus of the North West Institute for Further and Higher Education (NWIFHE).

Classroom training is complemented with practical sessions run in "The Old Schoolhouse Cafe", which is located at the gate of NWIFHE (on the Derry Road in Strabane).

The Old Schoolhouse Cafe


This facility has been designed to develop the clients' work skills. It allows them to get practical training under the instruction of a qualified catering staff and support workers.

This working café serves customers from the NWIFHE and the local catchment areas and is one of New Horizons Partnership's most successful social enterprises.

The Old Schoolhouse Cafe is managed by Adrian Devine, who is supported in delivering practical training by Anne Kerrigan.

Adrian Devine      Anne Kerrigan
Adrian Devine  Anne Kerrigan

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