Work Competencies

Skills for Work - Skills for Life

New Horizons Partnership delivers ongoing training programmes that address the competencies and skills that people need for work. By work competencies, we mean skills that are necessary in order to be able to secure and maintain a job, any job. These are generic competencies that are necessary in the world of work and are common to all workplaces and types of work.

Often these are the very skills that may need to be developed by individuals with a learning disability so that they can function and participate in a meaningful way in their place of employment. Training in work competencies is intended to complement the client's participation on either a supported employment placement or in one of our social enterprises.

Content Areas

The work competencies taught include:


Resource Development

In addition to delivering training to our own client group, for some programmes we also develop and disseminate the resources that we use when we deliver that training. Consequently, resource development constitutes one of our core areas of business.

For more details on how you can access these learning resources for your clients, visit our Learning Resources section.

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